Total Protection Roofing System®

It Takes More Than Just Shingles to Protect Your Home

Insight on What Goes into Your Roof and Why it’s Necessary

For Composition Roofs(Shingle):

  • 1. SEAL

Helps Create a Waterproof Barrier

A roof needs to be properly sealed to block water resulting from ice damming, wind-driven rains and normal water flow. A properly sealed roof will help prevent rot and mold. We use 6 feet of ice shield on all eves and 3 feet of ice shield in the valleys- designed to seal around all the nails and staples- preventing water from running into the house or decking while the snow is melting. This helps mitigate ice dams, we can put more if requested.

  • 2. DEFEND

Helps Protect against Nature’s Elements

We add a tough, yet beautiful layer of defense with strong adhesion that resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. This especially helps protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof such as eaves and peaks.

  • 3. BREATHE

Optimize Airflow in your Attic

We do this by installing intake and exhaust ventilation- so fresh air can move in and out of the attic.This reduces heat and moisture buildup that can lead to ice damming, roof deterioration, and mold infestation.

WARNING - We are certified and knowledgeable on how to do proper insulation and ventilation. Most of the time when we see a roof that has a lot of damage or failed prematurely it is most often due to improper insulation and ventilation. You need to hire a company that has years of experience installing roofs so they can do this properly and help you to get the most out of your roof.

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