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The Dangers of Hail Damage

We have had a few Hail Storms come through Central Oregon recently and hail storms can cause all sorts of damage to a roof, and if it is not dealt with quickly the cost of repairs in the future will be costly!

Asphalt shingles are created to have a granular top surface that will act as a shield against the elements. When hail strikes this surface it knocks off the granules leaving the rest of the shingle exposed to the sun and elements. Without the protection of the granules, even the best shingle will quickly deteriorate and leak and open up the potential for major damage to your home.

This is why insurance companies will cover the cost of a new roof if hail damage is reported. The Hail experts at Greenlee roofing are well versed with the latest insurance requirements and if given the chance to inspect your roof our inspectors will prepare a comprehensive packet of their findings and if hail damage is present this packet makes it very easy for you to pass that information along to your insurance adjuster. Our information packets are so detailed we frequently have been given the go-ahead by insurance companies to install a new roof without them even needing to schedule an inspection with their adjuster.

One misconception that is common among homeowners is that if they do file a claim they might lose their policy or their monthly premiums will go up. This, however, is not the case, Hail Storms fall under a special category called “Acts of God” which means that a hailstorm can qualify you for a new roof but does not affect your policy or premium.

If you have been hit by hail give Greenlee Roofing a call for our complimentary Hail Damage Inspection to make sure that your roof hasn’t been damaged during the recent storms.

As one of Central Oregon’s leading roof repair contractors, we specialize in hail damage inspections and repairs. Please give us a call today to schedule a complementary hail inspection.