Estimating Terms

Estimating factors: Greenlee considers property layout, square footage, roofing material, number of stories, roof pitch, and depth of snow. While we offer our best assessment, it’s possible that these factors could differ once our team arrives at a homeowner’s property – some examples of these differences could be additional snow depth or possibly a steeper roof pitch than selected by the homeowner. If there is any difference between the original assessment and the time that our snow removal team arrives to perform the work, we will communicate these differences with the homeowner before proceeding so a new quote can be agreed upon. 


The homeowner is responsible for the initial non-refundable deposit of $20.00 at the time of ordering snow removal services. The remaining balance of the ordered services is due and will be automatically charged once snow removal has been completed in accordance with the ordered services.

Roof Snow Removal

Greenlee’s goal is to remove as much snow as possible off of a home’s roof so as to not stress the structural integrity of the property. While this may include exposing the roofing material in some areas, we will do our best to not fully expose all roofing material so as to not damage said material. 


Greenlee is not responsible for damages to landscaping, roofing material, and pavement on the customer’s property. Snow removal may cause damage to the customer’s property. Greenlee will reasonably repair damage to the customer’s property caused by Greenlee’s gross negligence. Greenlee is not responsible for scratches, gouges, etc. as a result of normal snow removal procedures. 

Insured & Bonded

Greenlee Construction Incorporated is fully insured and bonded. Employee safety is our biggest concern when performing roof snow removal. All our employees are experienced and have been well trained in safety procedures for residential and commercial roof snow removal. Our employees will take all the needed precautions to properly perform the ordered removal safely and in a timely manner.