Save Your Roof

Greenlee is proud to supply more than just roofing service, Greenlee Roofing also offers professional snow removal services.



Snow Removal

Protecting Your Roof
All Winter Long.

Since 1994.

Heavy snow is incredibly hard on your Property.
properly clearing snow is essential to Longevity.
Ice dams are not just another eyesore to be ignored. They pose a serious threat to the overall structural integrity of your home or business. Every winter, neglected ice dams result in costly property damage all around Central Oregon. If your home or business has a roof ice dam, contact us as soon as possible. It’s important to eliminate the ice dam before it starts to do serious damage. Our trained team will provide you with an accurate estimate and complete the job in a timely and professional manner. Heavy snow storms put extra loads on your home or business. Simply put, not all roof structures are built to withstand these heavy loads. Prolonged stress on roofs will ultimately lead to costly repairs and in extreme cases failure. Sleep better after a storm knowing your roof is cleared and safe.