Three things to Consider When
Deciding Roof Color

  1. Does it complement your siding and eaves?
  2. Is snow melt important?
  3. Does your neighborhood have HOA restrictions?

Greenlee Roof Examples

The Elements of a Roof

Ice & Watershield

A self-sealing membrane underlayment that is installed in the typical problem areas. This includes all flashing, valleys, and lower sloped areas. Ice & Watershield provides additional protection from water infiltration at all critical areas of the roof system to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Aluminum Drip Edge

This is a specifically designed flashing installed at all eaves and rake edges to direct water away from the fascia and protect the roof deck edges from water. Drip edge material utilizes a deeper roof flange than the standard to provide proper water protection. 

Pipe Flashing

Vent pipes penetrate your roof to allow air into the plumbing system so drains flow freely and sewer gases can be vented safely outdoors. Vent pipes flashings protect areas around the pipes to prevent water infiltration.

Synthetic Underlayment

Synthetic underlayment is a material that replaces antiquated 15 lb. felt paper. Exceptionally stronger and tear-resistant. This material not only provides a safer working environment for the installers but it is superior in weather protection.  

Roof to Wall Flashing

Standard, pre-finished, baked-on enamel flashings fabricated from high quality, non-standard .024 aluminum. Apron flashings installed with hidden fasteners and clips to “engineer out” exposed fasteners, eliminating potential leaks. 

Central Oregon's Most Popular Shingles


Estate Grey


Onyx Black


Twilight Black

We are able to roof with any color or type of shingle. If you have a specific color in mind let us know, and we will make it happen. As an Owens Corning Platinum Contractor, we highly recommend Owens Corning products due to their quality and longevity in Central Oregon.

Popular Metal Colors

Black (Matte)

Graphite Black

Charcoal Grey

Dark Bronze


Forest Green

We are able to roof with any metal color  if you have a specific color in mind let us know and we will make it happen.