Residential Roofing FAQ

My Roof has Started to Leak. Now What?

Let’s be honest about it, a leaking roof is definitely not something you want or would choose to encounter on aregular basis. The simple fact of the matter that a leak in your home’s roof means that something is wrong andwill need to be addressed immediately. However, before you start to panic about how much of your life savingsyou will need to invest in a new roof, it is important to make sure you explore all available options. The simplefact of the matter is that not every leaking roof has to be replaced and with a thorough inspection fromGreenlee Construction’s skilled and diligent team, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of the problem andconfirm whether a repair or replacement will be required. However, the sooner you act, the better. The longeryou leave the leak, the bigger the problem will become.

Is it True That Hail can Damage my Home’s Roof?

The short answer to this question is yes. Given the heavy hail showers that we occasionally encounter can meanthat homeowners need to be aware that hail damage can have a serious and long-lasting impact on your roof’sstructural integrity. In many ways, hail can have the same impact as a golf ball or small stone when it comes incontact with the roof of your home. The course and sharp nature of hail means that it can do a lot of smalldamage to your roof that, if left unprotected over time, can cause serious problems for your home’s roof. Havingyour roof inspected and maintained regularly by our skilled team will help alleviate this problem quickly andeffectively.

What can I Expect During my Roof Installation?

TIMELINE( appx. 3-5 days, weather permitting)

  • Tear-Off (1-2 Days)
    • Crew of 3-5 will arrive between 8AM & 10AM on scheduled day
    • Your roof will be covered with a moisture barrier safe for any weather after the shingles are removed
    • Crew will tidy up areas after tear-off
  • Shingles Delivered
    • Our supplier Roofline will deliver shingles and place them on your roof
    • Roofline’s trucks carry a heavy load so we will need written permission for them to drive on your driveway.If you do not want them to park in your driveway you can pay a fee based on the square footage of yourroof.
    • Minor cracking may occur in your sheetrock due to the weight of the shingles, especially with older homes.
  • Roofing (2-3 Days)
    • Noisy! Please plan accordingly if you need to make arrangements for pets, children, or notifyingneighbors.
  • Clean-up (1 Day)
    • A day or two after roofing completion our crew will magnet two times around your roofline and yard to pickup nails. You may still find nails in your yard for a few months. Tip: Cut your lawn short before we come tohelp us see nails and debris in your yard while cleaning up.
    • Touch-up paint
    • Crew will scoop out debris from gutters.
  • Final Inspection
    • Payment for roof installation

What do I Need to do to Prepare for my Roof Replacement?

Note: You do not have to be present during the roofing process

  1. Clear the areas under your eaves- such as flower pots, roof chimes, outdoor furniture etc. 5-6 feet fromyour eave and the space directly under the eave. We will lay tarps down along the eaves that will have a smallimpact on the landscaping. We do our best to protect your space but you will be able to tell we were there.
  2. Access to plug-ins outside- If you do not have external plugins at your home and will not be present during the roofing process please leave a garage open or run an extension cord out from your home or garage.
  3. Payment at final inspection- We accept check and cash but no credit cards. If you cannot pay at the timeof final inspection your payment is due within two weeks of roofing completion(roofing completion, notcleanup). Please review your contract for additional information about billing.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling- due to weather and job fluctuations we ask for your patience and flexibility inscheduling.